Twain Tailgate

At Mark Twain’s house/museum in Connecticut we learned a valuable lesson in vacation planning: when going on a tour buy tickets in advance, or at the very least look up the tour times. We arrived at the ticketing kiosk, just as a tour was heading out. We had to wait half an hour. You can only spend so much time in the gift shop, and a LEGO Mark Twain is only so much fun (because you are not allowed to take him apart and build other cool stuff).

We resorted to an impromptu quick lunch in the parking lot. We had wings left over from the night before. You might think cold wings sound gross. But these were no ordinary chicken wings. They were buffalo wings. From Buffalo, NY. From the Anchor Bar & Grill- those kind of buffalo wings. It was good eating in the open hatchback of the Jeep. Some people drove by and started to laugh at us- only then did it dawn on me that we were tailgating.

Aug. 21, 2010- Hartford CT+Mystic Seaport CT (19).jpg