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Looking at People Looking at Art (8 images)

A series of photographs that spawned out of the tourist series. It focuses on people looking at art, unaware that they themselves are being watched- by me, and now you: the viewer.
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<![CDATA[Route 66 (42 images)]]> http://www.psphoto.ca/zenphoto/gallery/route-66/ Route 66

Route 66 (42 images)

An ongoing documentary as I travel Route 66 started in 2012, created bit by bit in installments.

Documenting how Route 66 has changed, when it has been overtaken by local municipalities, in other parts left to decay while in others preserved. The journey takes me from Chicago, IL to Santa Monica, CA across an ever-changing landscape.


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<![CDATA[Drive-By "Shooting" (23 images)]]> http://www.psphoto.ca/zenphoto/gallery/drive-by-shooting-/ Drive-By "Shooting"

Drive-By "Shooting" (23 images)

I spend a lot of time as a passenger, idly staring out the window at the passing scenery. It gets to me, so I start photographing what I see.
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<![CDATA[Documenting Tourism: Where/What? (29 images)]]> http://www.psphoto.ca/zenphoto/gallery/documenting-tourism-where-what-/ Documenting Tourism: Where/What?

Documenting Tourism: Where/What? (29 images)

Also in my series of documenting tourist culture. A look at the places and things that they visit and go see. In this series I moreso become one of the tourists, drawn in by the spectacle of all that is new and wonderful.
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<![CDATA[Documenting Tourism: Who? (40 images)]]> http://www.psphoto.ca/zenphoto/gallery/documenting-tourism-who-/ Documenting Tourism: Who?

Documenting Tourism: Who? (40 images)

In my ongoing series of documenting tourist culture, this body of work focuses on the people who visit these places. Documenting their interactions with each other, the places, and most importantly: me, whether they are oblivious to me photographing them or staring right at me.
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<![CDATA[Human Intervention (10 images)]]> http://www.psphoto.ca/zenphoto/gallery/human-intervention/ Human Intervention

Human Intervention (10 images)

A series of photographs showing human intervention on the natural landscape and the tensions that arise therein.
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<![CDATA[Fine Art]]> http://www.psphoto.ca/zenphoto/gallery/ Fine Art

Fine Art

(Ongoing) artistic bodies of photographic work.
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